On Teacher’s Day, 2013

The nice thing about teacher’s day is that it gives us atleast one thank youopportunity to think about those people who have shaped us into what we have become.  It is an act of benevolence that cannot be repaid in any form.  Even if you are a teacher today, you continue to be a student at a higher level, under a more evolved teacher. So this is one day where nobody can refrain from saying ‘Thank You’.  This makes the day that much more special.

India today has more people below 35 than over it, and this trend is set to continue for a fairly long time in the future.  All of these people are like wet clay. They need potters. The sad part is that:

a)     Clay does not know it needs a potter

b)     Being a potter doesn’t seem too interesting to too many

India has clay. It doesn’t have enough potters. A country that has created some of the greatest teachers or gurus of the world is today finding it difficult to attract people to take on this role.  One of the reasons why it is becoming difficult is because we have begun treating teaching like any other profession, thereby undermining its immense context and contribution.

Let us today resolve in our own small way to respect, support and sustain the teaching community. Let us make every effort to showcase this noble profession in the right light and inspire enough people to consider it as a worthy vocation. I also hope that every teacher takes it on themselves to enhance their maturity so as to handle the rough clay with soft hands.  Happy Teacher’s Day!



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