Announcement: International Conference on Entrepreneurial Approaches to Librarianship 2013

As a person associated with Entrepreneurship both in theory and practice, I am happy to have the pleasure of associating with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad. I have presented papers at their conferences, handled sessions at their programs and also continue to work along on number of initiatives. The importance this institute plays in the economic and social development of this country is vital. Apart from the impact, the hospitality and the friendly atmosphere at the institute, the high intellectual stimulation that one receives when one is on campus and also the lovely campus facilities makes a visit to the campus fruitful on many counts.

A conference from a reputed institution is a great place for intellectuals to assemble, learn, share and discuss. The topic of the conference makes it all the more interesting not just to people in Entrepreneurship, but also to Librarians, Book Lovers, Bibliophiles, amongst others. I am sure many of us would find value in the conference.

MANLIBNET 2013 Conference Details

Block your dates if it appeals to you! Be there in whatever form you wish to be! If you have ideas to share, this is a wonderful event to get it published, if you want to learn, this is the event to learn from the experts, and if not anything else, it is a great chance to spend a few days just thinking about the ‘libraries’, ‘books’, and all about the love to spread it.

To know more about the conference such as objectives, themes, dates, etc.,. And to register please look up:

Organizing Institutions and their websites: or


2 thoughts on “Announcement: International Conference on Entrepreneurial Approaches to Librarianship 2013

    1. Thanks for sharing this with a larger audience! It is an interesting conference being hosted by a leading institution in India. Hope more people participate. Thanks also for sharing about the various initiatives taking place around the world. With reading on the decline, libraries and librarians are ideally place to catalyze the effort in getting people to read more. As a lover of books, reading and as an author i would support such initiatives to the best of my abilities.

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