My Inspiration this morning

After a couple of days of continuous rainfall this morning as I drove down to the airport, the dawn was such a welcome experience. The sun brightened up the day and the sky looked more beautiful than ever. Through the entire drive I kept looking back at the horizon wanting to see the sun come out. Blue, White, Orange, Yellow! The sky kept changing colors, the brightness of the day kept increasing and the darkness of the remaining part of the sky kept receding. It was a beautiful movie at its best. Silent but loud enough to send the message to every viewer!

The birds were beginning to signal daybreak, while the sun was slowly making its way out of the horizon. How did the birds know that the sun would come out? The entire period of an hour and a half remained a period of intense seeking. It was a period of intense inspiration in the hope that the day will break. The sounds of the birds kept increasing and finally with the sun fully out, their sounds stopped. The sounds of cars and people took over. The beautiful period of a different type of silence was over. Was it inspiration?

Yes it was! For me, yes it was!

Every day we have many such instances, which inspire us. Every day we have our own sources of inspiration. I always keep reading and asking people, what inspired them? And the ones that depend on nature for inspiration, seem to last the longest. No! I am not talking about longevity of life, but about the longevity of the inspiration. My big example here is Ruskin Bond!

Find your inspiration – something that will make you move. Something that will give you the hope to take one more step! Don’t ask me towards what, you will have to find it out for yourself. If you figure it out (and the source of inspiration is something in nature) you are saved, for a very deep inner reason, which you will know when you find yours.

Think about it!


3 thoughts on “My Inspiration this morning

    1. Very true sanchita. We need to be more aware about our lives to experience inspirations, since they keep appearing all the time around us in different forms. Hope to find more daily! Ruskin Bond is a great author, an inspiration to all writers. His books show us how there are stories happening all the time around us. We miss them all the time. I read a couple of nonfiction works recently and came away inspired to be more aware in life and writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, please do subscribe and hope to have more conversations in the future as well. Happy reading and writing!

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