Books and Me: The One Minute Networker

Book Title: The one minute networkerbryan thayer

Author: Bryan Thayer

Networking is an activity that human beings cannot not do.  The reason being our inherent social nature. At a more fundamental level, every being on earth is actually interconnected to every other being. The dependencies may seem absurd at times. But that does not do away with the dependencies themselves.  Not understanding the fundamental aspects of inter-connectedness has led to a lot of social turbulence, in the form of theft, robbery, revenge, intolerance and also at a larger scale; terrorism.  The appreciation of the fact, that we are a networked species gives tremendous strength, confidence and also a chance to enable each other live fully . This is the fundamental aspects of networking as a subject.

In today ‘s world, networking is seen as a short cut in achieving one’s dreams. Especially in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, networking is seen more as a tactical rather than a strategic activity. It is seen more as an expense rather than an investment. It is always done with a specific outcome in mind rather than waiting to receive the bounty.

How should one network? Where should one network? These are all subjects that need further thinking.  Most books on business and entrepreneurship don’t even talk about networking as an important topic. I remember one faculty who used my book “Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice” remark the chapter titled networking is one that he includes in every course of his even beyond entrepreneurship; not only because of its relevance but also due to paucity of available practical literature.

The present book under review is written in a very easy to read manner. It is a short book that can be completed in probably a short haul flight.  While the book shares some examples, do’s and don’t’s about the how of networking it is more about the what and why of networking. Much of the book’s content remain at the philosophical level of networking which in my opinion needs to be understood before anyone decides to network.  The content of the book at many places made me reflect on a number of aspects beyond networking about life at large.  One will definitely come away feeling good, positive and with a number of anecdotes ant quotations on finishing the book.

If you are looking to understand networking both as a skill and as a tool, this could be a good place to start!


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