Interesting Links This Week: 15-September-2013

This week’s top three links from my reading list:

We all seek “social proof” all the time – we don’t even know we do it. That’s how 541px-Sunflower_sky_backdropour minds fool us all the time. No wonder that marketers (the smart ones) are able to convince us into believing that we are choosing the best option. Interesting concept. Here are some interesting examples and some serious learning for entrepreneurs to incorporate into their sales and marketing plans. Link:

Leadership of any kind is power! Everyone wants it. In fact in today’s world the most powerful form sought after is ‘Thought Leadership’. But what people miss is that with power comes responsibility! But is the converse true? Some interesting though triggers. Link:

When Paul Graham has something to say, it is good for entrepreneurs to listen. It is good for all involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to listen. Read this interview and make up for not having the chance to meet him in person and listen to him. Interesting questions on identifying entrepreneurs, how to evaluate startups and where to invest? Link:


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