Books and Me: # Thought Leadership

Books Title:: # Thought LeadershipBook review

Author: Liz Alexander and Craig Badings

Being in the thought leadership business, I am always fascinated to know what people think thought leadership means.  While I have read denser publications on thought leadership as a subject,  I picked this book up out of curiosity around its creative structure.  Anybody who wants to read beyond 140 characters (a tweet) goes to a blog, an article, a journal or a book .  But in recent times, I have begun to see books written in tweets.  While the world wants everything in a tweet,  I was curious to know how a book could convey a subject as subtle as thought leadership using tweet sized statements.  I picked this book before boarding a short flight in the hope that I will finish it before I reach my destination. Thanks to a short delay in departure, I ended up finishing the book even before I boarded the flight.  I actually ended up picking one more book for the flight.

The book belongs to a series called THINKaha which I presume is a series of tweet books on a variety of subjects.  The representation of the book is very creative and I am sure it puts a lot more work on the author(s) to choose what to include and what to let go.  The book is a very good introduction to the subject, though being cursory in nature. Sticking to the intent of the book, the authors have provided lot of references for further reading both online and offline.

For me personally the book provided a number of thought triggers, with regards to content creation and dissemination. Whether you are a thought leader yourself or you are attempting to build a thought leadership image around your business or planning to use thought leadership as a marketing tool this book will provide you with an overall structure, a bunch of questions a quick road map, as well as extensive references. All of these will hep you understand thought leadership and plan on content creation, curation, dissemination and measuring the effectiveness of your initiatives. I am sure the book will encourage readers to pick more titles of the series as well as to dig deeper into the subject themselves.


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