Vedantic Wednesday: Who we hurt the most?

If you fight with a friend, you take it out on your loving mother at home!

If you get pulled up in office, you come home and take it out on your spouse!

If you get upset because of someone, you normally don’t take it out on the person who upset you. You normally take it out on the person who cares for you. Just look back at the situations in your life when you have been unreasonable with people. How many times has that been with people who truly care for you – like mother, father, aunt, uncle, grand parents, etc.,.?

Why are we unreasonable with people who care for us? It is because in those moments we are not thinking at all. We may apologize or feel sympathy for them after the anger has subsided – but at the moment of anger we say and do things that really hurt the one who cares. Why do we get angry with the people who really are not the reason for our anger? Think! Because you know these are people you won’t lose. We take out our anger on people who live for us; we take out our anger on people who truly care for us; we take out our anger on people who take responsibility for us. Most often we know deep down that these people won’t leave us and hence we take it out on them. The funny part is we fight with these important people and hurt them badly for the sake of temporary fantasies or desires. If only you can sit and think why you are not even bothered about these people who care so much – we will start valuing what deserves to be valued. This will help us put things / beings who come and go in our life in the right perspective and start treating those who will stay with us through thick and thin with care, concern, respect and love.

Who we hurt the most? Who are we most unreasonable with? The people who we know will not leave us. It is this strength of relationship that we take for granted and this makes life miserable for us. It is important to understand this and ensure we don’t hurt people who live and support us in our lives. Because without these people who care for us, we won’t even exist today.

If only you can ask who are the people who have always been there for us and who we know will always be there for us irrespective of our behavior towards them – we know who we should care for?

All this requires us to think – yes ‘THINK’ before we react. If you can think even for a moment, you will not hurt and not be hurt as well.


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