Me, a swami and a DJ

Three people entered the hotel around the same time. It was fun to stand in the reception for a while and watch the happenings! It taught me an interesting lesson for life.

The group waiting to invite the swami requested the hotel to start playing bhajans prior to the swami’s entry. About 30 people (almost an equal number of men and women) were waiting in the reception with flowers, arati, plates, etc.,. As soon as the swami’s car reached the portico all the members waited for him to step into a plate with some color water, bless a few of them, was showered flowers upon and then ushered in to his room. I told my attendant not to hurry because the group handling the swami seemed too worried that I may take the lift and the swami would have to wait for the lift to come back. I was happy to sit and watch the events anyway. Why hurry in life? Once the swami left the scene to his room, the whole group (most of the members) went along with them. Since i was standing there for a while and offered to give way to the swami, one of the group members offered to get me a meeting with the swami too. I humbly thanked him and excused myself.

Soon after I went to my room and came down to check some details regarding internet etc.,. I was told that the person who just passed by me was a popular DJ – the person in the reception seemed to expect me to know the DJ! I did not want him to feel let down and so acknowledged saying “oh!” and he was telling me about the evening program in the hotel premises where he was to play some music. He even told me that he could organize some tickets if I was interested. I thanked him for his gesture and returned to my room. In fact there are people fighting with the hotel authorities to allow them to meet the DJ, get his autograph, get passes, etc.,.

The hotel seemed to change their settings every few minutes / hours based on the guest. It’s their business. And of course there are people like me (thinkers) who prefer solitude and no disturbance. They ensure that as well. Lesson is not to find whether going for an evening of music is right / wrong or spending time with a swami is right / wrong – it is about what should we be doing here and now?

It was rather enticing to go to the music evening – but i asked myself would the swami go? He wouldn’t – not because he should not but because he has his business to attend to! Would the DJ spend time meeting his fans, preparing for his evening program or go to listen to the swami’s discourse? The answer is obvious! Similarly when we are committed to a single purpose, we must learn to pass distractions along and keep at work. I had blogs to write, prepare for my workshop, review my forthcoming newsletter and of course read for a few hours (daily habit). With all of this work on my table, how can I entertain distractions? Thankfully with lots of help from philosophy, my teacher and daily reflection on scriptures, I am now able to avoid most distractions and stay focused.

Just think how many times we get enticed with the possibility of meeting a celebrity, excitement of a star staying next door, listening to a good discourse, etc.,. And all these are worthy enough to indulge in – but not for those with entrepreneurial inclinations, importantly when we are on business. Focus is to keep at what we want to achieve and not find excuses to avoid what we should be doing. Be it a swami or a DJ – keep to your work, because they are doing theirs. And may be ancient wisdom is true: “work is worship”. Thinking before acting is one way to develop and keep focus. There is a time for meeting swamis and going to concerts – and at those times at least avoid carrying your mail service J Even that is focus!

Think about it!


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