Entrepreneurs and Sales

“Why Sell?” – Never ask this question! Right from the time you are born you have done that. While all of us acknowledge that as an obvious happening in hindsight – when it comes to our start-ups, most entrepreneurs refrain from selling. They get creative with the reasons why they should not sell!

Why sell’? Because ’ Sales’ is the life blood of an enterprise.

No sales => No revenue => No cash => No business

Still it is rather surprising that entrepreneurs don’t create a disciplined sales process in a start-up. There is a lot of effort on branding, marketing, public relations, human resource, quality assurance, etc but not sales. Somehow ‘sales’ always gets missed out. This is true across industries without exception. In most cases the entrepreneur does some random sales activities, but since it is not a sustained and planned effort, there is no momentum being built in the venture. There is no adding on to existing work. It is always a part time activity that is put the back burner once the plate is full.

In fact every start-up must ensure that it sells every day or at least attempts to make a sale every day. ‘Sales’ requires discipline, perseverance, conviction and patience. It is actually a great way to help potential clients solve their challenges / problems with the products and services that you have on offer.

The next time when entrepreneurs ask ‘why sell’; ask them if they have an alternate solution to make sales happen. It is very important that entrepreneurs don’t keep raising alternate forms of capital to stay alive. The earlier a start-up begins to receive sales revenue, the better the chances of success. So where is the doubt? Start selling now! The question to really ponder is – ‘is there a unique way to make sales happen without selling?’

Think about it!


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs and Sales

    1. While the concept of making sales happen without selling has been discussed for sometime now; there is not much literature on how entrepreneurs can make use of this. In fact one of the current streams of my work focuses on this challenge. I am working on a fresh marketing approach and will be sharing more of the findings and frameworks soon, on this blog and beyond. Thanks for asking!

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