Interesting Links This Week: 06-October-2013

Have been travelling and managed to read a lot more on my phone than on the laptop. Here are some which really got me interested and kept me glued to the handheld:

Since it was 2nd October, there was a lot on Mahatma Gandhi and his life, but this slideshow on how he is being used extensively in advertising over decades is a rather interesting one. Link:


“The Biggest Start-up Mistakes I’m Happy I Made” is not a title that’s going to miss the attention of any entrepreneur. I didn’t miss it either. Here are thoughts from J T O’Donnell on LinkedIn. You will find some contrarian ideas and some to resonate with as well. Overall a useful reminder to all entrepreneurs. Link:


Reading Books that are banned is thrilling! Here is a very interesting list which you may find amusing and confusing (as to why they were banned in the first place). If you are the type who loves to read, getting your hands on one of them could be a wonderful experience. Link:


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