Interesting Links This Week: 13-October-2013

A quieter week led me to spend a little more time reading online and catching up with my books offline. Here are some interesting links that i thought all of you would also find interesting among the many I read this week.

Entrepreneurs are always a mystery to understand; serial entrepreneurs even more! So, when some research talks about what may be going on in their heads and hearts, it is worth listening carefully. Management School Associate Professor Wayne Stewart of Clemson University.


Did you know that Sir Salman Rushdie worked as a copywriter under the legendary marketing and advertising thought leader David Ogilvy before turning into a full time writer? Looks like some learning from the master writer held create one of the leading writers of the current times – Check out some of the learning that helped Sir Salman Rushdie – some could help you as well.


Making connection is an inevitable activity and a continuous one too. Entrepreneurs don’t have much choice but to constantly build and sustain their interconnectedness. Not every tip on networking works for everyone, so keep listening to as many tips as you can receive; pick and choose what works for you. Here are 7 more…



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