Who thinks you’re different?

Is that an important question to answer? Absolutely! Most entrepreneurs think they are different, their products are different, their solutions are different, their services are different and everything about their business is different. In fact, if you listen to them you will wonder how they even think so. Quite obviously many of them will seem extremely similar to what’s available or just a slightly modified version of the existing option. This leads us to the question – “Who thinks you are different?”

Does the potential customer think so?

If the customer doesn’t think you are different or unique or original – then it doesn’t really matter what the entrepreneur thinks! It is essential that the entrepreneur understands this and seeks out the potential client audience every time he / she thinks they have something unique, to validate the uniqueness. If the potential audience you speak to does not seem to express this opinion, then it doesn’t matter what, the entrepreneur needs to go back to the drawing board.

Re-think the product! Re-think the service! Re-think the value! Re-think the solution! Re-think the communication! Re-think the delivery! Re-think the relationship! Re-think the price!

Fundamentally re-think! And again go back to the audience – ask them once more! Continue this approach till the potential client group whose problem / challenge you are trying to address tell you that you or your offering is different. Once you make this happen, you have the great opportunity to be a successful enterprise.

“Who thinks you’re different?” It matters – and it’s a significant aspect of business that needs repeated validation.

Think about it!


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