Vedantic Wednesday: Why we need philosophy?

There are times in life when big questions get raised in our heads. All the knowledge of the world does not seem to help with answers. We feel confused, anxious, agitated and worried about how to handle the situation and how the future will unfold? Under these circumstances one eventually lands up in philosophy. ‘Philosophy’ – the subject that asks and answers the really big questions in life! I once came across a book titled ‘Why business men (women included) need philosophy?” and it’s not surprising that it did not do very well. Why will it? The way we land up in achievement or celebration is not how we land up in philosophy. While the former is always done in groups, the latter is always alone. When you sit back and ask questions like: “Why me?” or “Why are some people more privileged than me?” – Inevitably the worldly knowledge cannot give satisfying answers. An answer that satisfies one person may not satisfy you. Hence, everyman will have to ask the questions to himself and then seek answers.

So should everyone learn ‘Vedanta’? Is ‘Vedanta’ the only solution to all big questions in life? No, not at all! There are many systems of philosophy and one should expose themselves to some or all of them before choosing the school of philosophy to pursue.

Which one should i choose?

  • Choose the one that fits your personality.
  • Choose the one that you relate to.
  • Choose the one that you have access to.
  • Choose the one that can address your big questions satisfactorily.
  • More importantly – Choose one and stick to it.

At least in philosophy, variety can create more confusions than solutions. Try to avoid it, however tempting. Because ‘philosophy’ should not become entertainment! It can create more ruckus than not having known philosophy at all.

Think about it!


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