Interesting Links This Week: 20-October-2013

Libraries can do more good than we can imagine, that is enabling a love for books and reading. Here are some thoughts and ideas from the Impatient Optimists Blog run by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation network. I found the ideas for economic development in emerging areas by fueling digital consumption of information through local libraries very inspiring and practical. Read more here – Link:

Interviews of leading thinkers are always interesting and inspiring – primarily because they stretch your thinking by providing some leading ideas. Prof Nirmalya Kumar’s interview in the Live Mint Business Newspaper is truly one such interview. I enjoyed reading it. The thoughts on how innovation has to be used by emerging country enterprises to build global brands is very useful not just for established companies, but will also serve as useful inputs for young and emerging entrepreneurial enterprises. Read more here – Link:

Do you think words impact your thinking? Think about it! The power of words is highly underestimated. This article provides lovely examples to show how our thinking varies as we change the words we use and hear. It has triggered in me ideas of how this can be used in opportunity sighting for entrepreneurs – check what may be triggered in your head! Read more here – Link:


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