Interesting Links This Week: 27-October-2013

“20 Things 20 year olds don’t get” – I was simply excited by the title! Why? Because I spend a lot of time teaching Entrepreneurship to 20-somethings and I was keen to know what the author had written. I am so happy to share this on my list of interesting links this week since it resonates with a lot of what I have been sharing in classes. It is simply too important, not to ignore. Read all of the 20 pieces of advice here – Link:

The little 90 second clip embedded in the post is worth every second invested for every entrepreneur. The lesson – “Getting out during business venture creation helps” While the advise may seem banal, very few entrepreneurs truly practice it religiously. No wonder then that few succeed beyond imagination. Read and Listen more here – Link:

I never imagined stories could be expressed this way. In fact strength of good stories is because they are seemingly built this way! For a person who reads very little to no fiction, this article was an eye opener. Due to my recent interest in building content on story-telling for entrepreneurs and business owners, I was attracted to this post. I have definitely taken away from the messages, suggestions and also from the visuals embedded in the article – they are brilliant and thought provoking. Read more here – Link:


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