Interesting Links This Week: 03-November-2013

The title brought me here to this TEDx Talk, but the topics got me to listen to it fully. If you are a teacher of any kind or you are one who is involved with the education system overall, you will find some interesting ideas in this short (less than 8 minute) video. Listen more here – Link:

Any help to network better is useful for emerging entrepreneurs. Here comes another 8 of them from a popular author Dorie Clark. Some of the advice in here is very relevant considering the fact that early stage entrepreneurs have limited time and limited money. Read more here – Link:

It is always inspiring to read about ‘Showing Up’, because if we don’t where is the game in the first place? It is in this context that when I enjoyed reading Whitney Johnson’s blog post on HBR titled “Always, always, always show up” Oh! What a title? It gives me the needed push to get out of my seat and doing something that I was giving myself excuses against. Read more here – Link:

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