Vedantic Wednesday: Seeking attention in life, at what cost?

In today’s world we see a lot of people putting down others to feel big. During one of the recent felicitation functions of associates, I found a person trying hard to gain attention and he achieved it only by putting down a few people. This made me remember how we fight to gain attention at any cost. We don’t realize even upon seeing it number of times that we are not going to be remembered here for what we have achieved! Surprised? Ask yourself who are the people you remember from about five centuries back? Probably no one!!

Still we all fight to gain attention! To gain this attention we also go a very long way in finding something that is simply interesting, even if it means we are making another person / institution uncomfortable (if not embarrassed). This experience of listening to a young middle aged man lose control over his speech on stage reminded me the importance of living life in absolute. It seems like we cannot live life if there are no people around! I am not even for a minute suggesting that we should learn to live alone – but on the contrary I am exploring the possibility of finding something in life that we can simply do, irrespective of acknowledgement. Sounds difficult, but most of the people who seemed to have lived a full life, seemed to have lived simply for the sake of some action – not even for any results, let alone, acknowledgment.

Why are we seeking attention in life? And at what cost are we seeking it?

Think about it!

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