Ideas Evaporate!

It doesn’t even need sunlight to for it to happen! It disappears just like how a drop of water disappears when it falls on a hot plate. Many times I wonder if there is an inherent connection between the rate at which ideas appear and disappear.

The truth about losing ideas has been reiterated too many times by artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and by everyone for whom ideas formed value. In today’s knowledge driven economy ideas are almost the new form of currency. Just because ideas have become valuable has not changed its inherent property. They still appear and disappear in our minds at a fast pace. Those who have managed to learn the skill of capturing these ideas before they disappear are the ones who have the potential to become successful.

In a recent panel discussion that I moderated I heard this thought of learning to capture ideas being shared as a tip by a young and successful entrepreneur. He reiterated the importance of learning this skill while sharing couple of instances from his own success story and how he learned it the hard way.

After so many reminders, let us not wait to miss good ideas to learn this skill!


4 thoughts on “Ideas Evaporate!

  1. Indeed…..In a life time, there comes ideas thousands of times but never actually we tab on them or materialize on those ideas. They just vanish as soon as they appear. Grabbing on to the idea and working on that to make it an opportunity is what makes the difference.

    1. Nice Dheeraj to hear your views on the subject. Considering your extensive field experience, I am sure it validates the importance of learning to capture ideas, rather than trust our memory. Thanks! And hope to see your thoughts on other aspects of entrepreneurship as well.

  2. I think one of the most difficult obstacles we face is capturing the ideas when they present themselves. I swear, if I could capture the great music ideas I have every time I get in the car for a long drive and turn on the radio I’d have at least 10 more albums under my belt!!

    Improving the way in which we capture our ideas and process them I believe is key to improving our ability to have an impact.

    Good stuff.

    1. I’m so glad you found the thought useful. As a writer I find the same challenge – noting down ideas as they occur. If I miss them, I lose them forever and thereby miss numerous writing opportunities (very similar to your songs). Carrying a notepad with me all the time (though doesn’t seem too fashionable) helps me capture a lot more thoughts for contemplation and creation. Good Luck with your idea capturing process and hope to see you create a lot more albums in the future.

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