Interesting Links This Week: 10-November-2013

Women Entrepreneurs are increasing in number! I am not very surprised on the trend. When one looks at high school results we have more women topping the rank lists than men; we have more passes amongst women than men; and incidentally women are also inherently more matured than men, early. With a lot of support from the ecosystem we should see more success stories amongst women entrepreneurs – but they too have challenges! Here are five that seem important to handle. Read more here – Link:

Artists find it difficult to market art! They do their work and most often wait to be discovered and celebrated. As the world gets more connected and geography is literally disappearing, can artists actually get over this difficult part of their trade? Here are 99 ways in which one can market art. Read more here – Link:

Gartner is a leading voice in technology thought leadership. While the world is seeing enough turbulence one thing that is certain is the increasing influence of technology on every facet of life. Hence it is in everybody’s interest that we keep an eye on the latest technology trends shaping and influencing society at large and business in particular. Here are the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014. Very interesting! Read more here – Link:


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