How to find ‘Your Opportunity’?

Not every opportunity is your opportunity! This is important to accept because once you become opportunity prone, it becomes easy to keep finding them. As a skilled opportunity seeker, one learns to search for fundamental changes and resultant needs and challenges that it throws open.

Change being so fundamental keeps taking place constantly thereby giving rise to opportunities. Being sensitive to change makes one extremely opportunity prone. You suddenly start sensing opportunities just like how you used to get ideas. While one person utilizes the opportunity and creates a flourishing enterprise, thousands of others fail miserably while trying to tap into the same opportunity. This leads me to believe that much before business modelling or planning, it is important for an entrepreneur to find opportunities that connect both personally and professionally.

While it is easy to accept the professional test while choosing an opportunity, many entrepreneurs don’t check for the personal connect. Entrepreneurship is a highly emotional game. Hence it makes tremendous sense to ensure that we work in a domain that not only allows utilization of our competencies, but also is a space that is close to our heart.

One rarely comes across celebrated entrepreneurs who created enterprises across domains. Truly there are exceptions, but let them not define the norm. Hence an inherent aspect or factor of opportunity evaluation must be the entrepreneur’s connect. Find ‘your opportunity’ from among the many opportunities that you will come across before kick starting your venture.


2 thoughts on “How to find ‘Your Opportunity’?

  1. I did your idea of constant change being a catalyst for opportunities. One of the most important questions I learned to ask in graduate school was, “what are the conditions under which X is possible?” In other words, what had to be in place for iTunes to work, for Napster to take off, for the music industry to tank, for same-sex marriage to be a bigger debate, and for every issue we debate.

    Being able to recognize the conditions that “constant change” creates I think is fundamental to recognizing opportunity. And the people who see it first for what it truly is can make the most impact.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiments and experiences. Glad to know that you agree on the importance of identifying change as a source of locating opportunities. I agree with your view that the person who identifies it first (or early) is who gets a big chance to make revolutions occur. Hope to hear more from you and learn! Thanks!

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