Celebrating National Book Week 2013

Today is Children’s Day! Happy Children’s Day! Not only to the children of today, but also to all the children inside every grown up! If you had spent some time near a school today, you would have realized what joy means. It would have brought back memorable times of simple joys (of your school days) that don’t seem to exist today – at least there doesn’t seem to be time for most of us to think about them. Innocent happiness for no reason but happiness itself! I spent some time listening to the teachers making announcements of events, preachy talks by elders, loud cheering from thousands of students, happy faces in colorful clothes, celebrating together every performance by every student. Oh, what joy?

Today is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday! It is this occasion that is being celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’ across the whole country. The reason why his birthday was chosen as ‘Children’s Day’ is probably because of his great love for children. He always looked up to children as the future of a nation and spent a lot of effort to encourage them, inspire them and motivate them.

Today is also the start of the National Book Week! Happy National Book Week to all who love books! Interesting that today is such an eventful day. On this happy occasion, let’s spend some time with the books and authors we love. Let us spend some time reading a few of the authors or books we cherish. Let us spend some time finding a new book and author to spread the wings of our world of imagination.

India is known for her intellectual curiosity both of the outside world (Tans migratory) and the inner world (Transcendental). Our forefathers have left us with treasure troves of knowledge that can enable us become learned, peaceful and happy people. It is our legacy and we have to safeguard it for our own sake and for the sake of our future generations. Let us make an effort to pick up books of wisdom that connect to us and help spread it to whoever we can. Knowledge has to be shared for it to develop even within us. Go ahead, share and begin it with a small book. I am happy that I still get a chance once in a while to buy books for others. It makes me feel nice sharing them, many times more than even when I get to read them.

As a simple way to celebrate this week of books, I have decided to post one book review every day for the next six days. Normally I post book reviews only every week on Saturday, but this week it will be every day for six days in a row! I hope you will like the reviews and enjoy the books as well. If they are books that you have read and liked, please do share your thoughts and inspirations derived from them as well.

As a voracious reader, a bibliophile and a writer now, books have been my companion for years now. This ‘Book Week’ makes me feel like a Dussehra or Durga Pooja for all of us, book-lovers, who love books and celebrate them. Let share and celebrate the joy of books!

Look forward to a lot of discussions and conversations around books and reading this whole week!


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