Announcements: Tata First Dot powered by NEN 2014 Edition

Entrepreneurship is gaining momentum across the country. In fact with the economy not really in great shape, everyone is looking to entrepreneurship as a tool to catalyze socioeconomic development. In this context, this unique event ‘Tata First Dot powered by NEN’ deserves attention.

My work in the area of entrepreneurship both as a writer and teacher gives me a chance to travel the length and breadth of the country. While working closely with educational institutions, I am seeing a marked interest from all stakeholders towards entrepreneurship. Even traditional and conservative educational institutions are now exploring the avenues that entrepreneurship can open for their students. What initially started as an extracurricular activity amongst students has now resulted in students running enterprises on campus. And now we have an event, which provides all these student entrepreneurs and campus companies to compete for national level acknowledgement and exposure. The hope is that this will catalyze the creation of entrepreneurs with many (if not most) of these student entrepreneurs graduating, along with their enterprises. This will not only enable growth of small businesses, provide the basis for a few more high growth ventures as well as, create jobs.

We must appreciate the good work initiated by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) as ‘First Dot’ in 2010, which is now being run by the Tata Group. The event ‘Tata First Dot powered by NEN’ is a unique event as it provides student start-ups a chance to showcase their efforts. It is a big motivator for those who are treading the not so comfortable path.

I am happy to be involved in this event, right from the first year of its inception till date. I am happy to see the progress, reach, and impact that it is having on entrepreneurial students across the country. I am sharing this message regarding the 4th edition, to spread the message in my own small way. Please ask your student entrepreneurs to participate and spread their wings. For details look up the following web sites:

Tata First Dot –

National Entrepreneurship Network –

Good Luck with your efforts!


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