Interesting Links This Week: 24-November-2013

Does passion create success? Or Does success stimulate passion? One proposed by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and the other by Peter Drucker. Which do you agree with? Here are their individual views – Link:

Who does not have the need to avoid communication these days? Even the most introvert amongst us needs to engage and entertain to spread their message. Everyone who wants to lead has to definitely learn to communicate and really well too. Here are 7 Tips which one can emulate and practice to enhance their communication effectiveness – Link:

The world seems to be facing too many social problems. With the information revolution expanding firmly into the developing world we are getting to know about more challenges that we as a global society are facing or going to face. But who is going to solve these issues? Are we to wait for them to come in the form of non-profits or non-governmental organizations or wait for the government to tackle these? Here is an interesting TED Talk from Strategy Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School sharing thoughts on how businesses are well placed to take on this challenge directly.

Listen here – Link:


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