Books and Me: Become a Key Person of Influence

Book Title: Become a Key Person of Influencebook

Author: Daniel Priestley

The book begins by stating that ‘Your best thinking from five years ago is your baggage today’! So true, isn’t it? Citing numerous examples the author provokes us to re-think and re-imagine our work today. How can we do what we are born to do? How can we engage in actions where we remain ‘in the zone’ most of the time? How can we fall into that small group who remain the greatest influencers of all time? How can we become a key person of influence in our trade or domain?

Any book that speaks about thought leadership is an immediate must read for me. I normally don’t miss a chance to see what I can learn from the author’s experience and research. This book shared a lot of tips and initiatives that I could take away and apply. As a thinker and writer myself in the area of entrepreneurship, I am always seeking fresh ways to experiment.

Two specific subjects that the author speaks about will make complete sense for every entrepreneur. The identification of micro-niches and approach one can take to reach these through thought leadership. This is a topic that has been on my research agenda for over two years now. I find this reference (though a small one) of immense support to my findings on the field.

The approaches to making pitches and what are the critical things needed to be a key person of influence, are solid and implementable takeaways from the book. Six P’s for pitching was interesting and practical. They are Position, Problem, Projection, Proposal, Proof, Project. The author clearly makes the case for everyone to become a small entrepreneur in today’s world. He also cites examples of how enterprises have built highly valuable and high growth enterprises by giving away their primary services free. They way the thoughts are shared get you thinking about your own ideas and dreams that everyone of us keep secretly within ourselves.

I am sure the world is ripe for big revolutions in entrepreneurship. Every emerging economy is striving hard to use entrepreneurship as the tool for socio-economic development. The author’s ideas and examples in the book make a clear case for people who are on the sidelines with an interest, but are still scared to jump into the game.

Read the book! Become an entrepreneur around an area that is close to your heart! Become a key person of influence in your domain! Change the World! Leave it a better place than what it was when you landed on it!

You may also want to read more from the author at:


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