Interesting Links This Week: 01-December-2013

Opening your books to your employees is what every entrepreneur wishes to speak about and dreams of doing one day – but rarely do you come across a person who practices this! Here is the story of one who not only practiced it but also achieved extraordinary success doing it. Entrepreneur Jack Stack shares his thoughts with Inc editor at large Bo Burlingham – they also have written a book on the same subject. Read more here – Link:

So many people dream of becoming writers, painters, sculptors, dreamers, etc but rarely does one take the bold step to live the life they always want to! Here is author Susan Cain of the popular book on introverts “Quiet” sharing her journey to becoming one and tips on how anyone dreaming of becoming one can do too. Read more here – Link:

As social animals we are always looking to connect with people all the time. We like or dislike people and constantly look to sharpen our skills to network with others. If you are in business or entrepreneurship you don’t have too much option to not indulge in networking; more so if you have a team to manage. How does on sharpen his / her social skills? Here is an interesting take on the subject. Did you know reading literature can make you socially sharp? Read more here – Link:

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