Energizing the Entrepreneur

It is overstated that entrepreneurs live, breath, dream, speak, etc only about their business! The subtler fact is that they are the ones who fill these enterprises with energy and enthusiasm. It is their vision, their thoughts, their plans and their actions that set it off the ground. It is also their motivation, message, persuasion and evangelizing that brings others into the enterprise – thereby leading to growth – through resonance of the thoughts of like-minded individuals. Everything seems great while the curve is going up – but the fact of life as we have seen number of times through business history, the economic cycles are never one way. They are mostly up and down – mostly within a band with sporadic spurts! When there are spikes – it hurts! Many businesses disappear; some reduce in size, impact or influence! The ideal entrepreneur must prepare himself / herself to withstand this turbulence and still do whatever they did earlier – that is breath life into their venture; provide the much needed oxygen when the turbulence reduces the pressure! For this, the entrepreneur needs to also do one thing – energize himself / herself, which includes both the mind and the body. The entrepreneur often neglects this.

To energize others we need to be energized. Just like how a well-maintained car is sent for preventive maintenance every 6 months (or as recommended), the entrepreneur must also accept that there is both physical and emotional wear and tear as one creates and grows the enterprise. Hence preventive maintenance is needed for the entrepreneur, which includes attention to both mind and body.

An entrepreneur needs to constantly work on his physical well-being. Most entrepreneurs work long hours, don’t take breaks, and have irregular eating habits. All of this has a definite bearing on their health. And most often when the opportunity comes after a real testing period for growth, the entrepreneur is very often tired and worn out. The physical self does not allow any more of those long nights. Hence a simple regular exercise routine, be it a jog in the morning, brisk walk or 3 – 4 weekly visits to a gym can not only keep the entrepreneur healthy, but also provide the much needed breaks during the day.

While some entrepreneurs do realize the need for physical exercise and make up – the mental wear and tear (emotional stretch) is often underestimated. While the enterprise is everything for the entrepreneur, should it not provide the much needed development of the mind? Fair question, but the truth is to ensure the successful and healthy creation of the enterprise, the entrepreneur needs to rejuvenate the mind through meditation, training, reading and thinking. Routine work on these like meditating for a few minutes a day, attending a workshop every year, reading good books and attending discourses can be life changing.

Yes! It might seem like some sermon, but as entrepreneurs popularly say – experience matters. May be there are times when entrepreneurs should not wait to experience! At this juncture, an important saying comes to mind: “A wise man learns from others mistakes, fools don’t from their own.” Let’s be wise!


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