Books and Me: BRAG – The art of tooting your own horn without blowing it

Book Title: BRAG – The art of tooting your own horn without blowing it!

Author: Peggy KlausBRAG Book Cover

When you give a man a horn, he will blow it or toot it! Whether it sounds like cacophony or music will depend on how he does it? If the “horn” meant talking about yourself, then you must ensure the resultant sound is like music to listeners.

Peggy Klaus is a definitive communicator. She gives her message to the reader loud and clear. Her book “BRAG” is a recommended read in today’s hyper competitive world and attention deficit community. She clearly elucidates the need for self promotion and also the negative meaning attached to the phrase. At times to someone who realizes the need for the skill at self-promotion, the repetition of reasons against or obstacles may seem redundant.

The book details a lot on the excuses people give themselves for not tooting their own horn and why one needs to convince themselves about the need for doing it. Another thing is also to ensure that doing it anyhow is dangerous and can seriously backfire. If not done correctly it can also assume wrong connotations.

Preparation as the key (using the take-12 questionnaire) has been rightly given its due place. Especially in the case of such a sensitive skill, preparation and practice can help avoid embarrassing moments and failure in self-promotion.

The book elucidates numerous instances where self-promotion is much needed. The detailing using examples makes it amply clear “how-to” and “how-not-to” –toot your own horn in all of these situations.

Amongst the many situations where the bragging skills can be applied, I found “When you’re out on your own” chapter to be the most relevant for an entrepreneur. In my role as a researcher, teacher, author, writer and entrepreneur I think this skill is much needed. All entrepreneurs will need to perfect the art. The book’s inherent message that self-promotion is not bad when done right is a basic input to all entrepreneurs. Selling is an inherent part of entrepreneurship and the salesman / saleswoman (entrepreneur in this case) is the most important in the sales process. But most entrepreneurs never learn this skill – they try to hard sell their way or don’t sell at all. While it may come as a surprise to many, it remains the reality. One of the reasons why entrepreneurs (especially in India) don’t naturally tend towards selling is their cultural upbringing of being advised not to ‘brag’ about oneself. While the intent of the advice is noble, its practice requires skill. If one learns the art of ‘tooting’ one’s own horn without sounding like ‘bragging’ – it could bring attention and eventually open the potential for future sales.

The best parts of the book include take-12, brag-nags and the chapter on bragging for the self-employed or entrepreneurial variety. This topic was / is and will be very important. In today’s attention deficit world, the art of subtly promoting oneself is very important and is slowly becoming a necessity. This book is important for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to establish oneself in a group. The book is an easy read, easy to carry around, has excellent binding, printing and is almost devoid of any English error. It does not have distractions except for the often-repeated reason of why one should not detest tooting. For more information on the book you can look up at

Happy Reading!


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