Interesting Links This Week: 08-December-2013

‘Team work, brainstorming, tinkering and patience’ seems to be the way Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Washington Post makes innovation work. There must be something important to why this man says innovation takes time and requires there. Think about them and how you may find these helpful as your grow your business as well.

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Mark Frissora is the CEO of Hertz, one of the leading car rental companies in the world. How much time should a CEO spend in operations? Is it important? How does that impact decision making? These are some of the questions answered in this interview. I also found their TOM Model interesting to keep entrepreneurial and innovation orientation in the company alive. An interesting list of answers filled with insights of how to re-vitalize business when advantages seem transient. Read more here – Link:


David Teece is the famed professor behind the Dynamic Capabilities concept in strategy. He had Nobel Laureate Oliver Williamson as a mentor. His students include Gary Pisano and Henry Chesbrough. His theories are becoming even more critical in today’s hyper competitive world. Every system gets duplicated or imitated in some form as soon as it is implemented. There seems to be no cover to best practices. It then becomes important to develop capabilities that not only are unique but which also remain agile and adapt to changes. An interesting interview with an interesting strategic thinker!

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