Interesting Links This Week: 15-December-2013

Blogging is today seen more as a fashion statement rather than an opportunity to pour out your heart. A lot of people blog and seek quick results. While real readership takes time and effort to build, many people drop off. Those who persist need advice to stay on track and not fall prey to temptations. Here is a list of 11 mistakes that you can avoid if you are serious about blogging. Read more here – Link:

Platforms are the most common business ideas that young entrepreneurs come up with! It is because they sound interesting, exhibit potential for scale, and creates excitement amongst others. But it also poses the greatest risk to failure. Here is an interesting set of findings about creating platform based businesses. Read more here – Link:

Using averages is a normal thing that most senior leaders do in an effort to analyze performance. But it seems to mislead than lead towards significant decision making. How much analysis should be broken down? At what level and to what depth should performance data be reviewed and how doing this changes decisions remains a big challenge for every organization. Here is an interesting lesson for all of us to learn from the experience of a large corporate. While it seems most of these apply to large corporate, entrepreneurs can draw lessons that can be applied to their own enterprises too. Read more here – Link:


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