Interesting Links This Week: 22-December-2013

Being entrepreneurial is becoming more important than entrepreneurship in general. When viewed at from this angle, the domain of entrepreneurship becomes more applicable than the narrow block of only start-ups. Eric Ries, author of Lean Start-up provides us some perspectives on this aspect, especially when applied within a large corporate. Read more here – Link:


In today’s attention deficit world if people don’t think great about you for a reason, then in all likelihood one does not get sufficient attention. But how does one gain attention of others – by carefully building a good professional image. While there is a lot of talk about what constitutes professional image and image consulting becoming quite common in professional circles, one wonder if image goes beyond dress and etiquette. Here is an interesting interview with researcher and Professor Laura Morgan Roberts on her upcoming paper on the subject from. Read more here – Link:


Dharmesh Shah of hubspot built a whole business around inbound marketing. But now he tells the world that it is not the complete answer. This is because people buy from people, which means everything at the end of the day is about solving people’s problems. We need to be more human in our approach to business. If a company is not caring about its customers, the algorithms will figure it out and no amount of advertising and PR can save the firm. Read the interview and learn some cool insights on marketing. Read more here – Link:

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