Christmas 2013 and a giving routine..

The season around 25th of December every year brings to the mind colorful people. brightly lit streets, decorated churches, stars givingof all sizes, Santa Claus, gifts, wishes, happiness and celebration. Also inevitably one word that every person acknowledges thinking about is “giving”. However giving is reduced to what is shared with the downtrodden outside churches, outside homes, on our routes that we take. Take a moment and ask yourself ” Are they the only people who need?”

Why don’t we take a different walk this day? Why don’t we see the Lord in the first stranger who asks for help? Why don’t we stop judging if the person really requires our help or not? Why don’t we do this daily? Why don’t we start a small giving routine daily?

This can be to stop  holding back or delaying of payments for products/services that we have used/bought. This can be to stop negotiating with providers for little savings which are insignificant to you;  but giving it to the other man (knowing you are giving more) to whom it could be more significant.

So let’s start this Christmas a nice little attitude shift towards giving, towards sharing with all who we can.  But it is easy to start with people who are already asking us. The most important thing in practice of giving; is to do it without judging.

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas!


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