Interesting Links This Week: 29-December-2013

‘Persistence’ is an admirable trait. This goes beyond writers and well beyond the realm of art too. Many times in art we see aspiring artists give up too soon, for want of early recognition. Persistence helps in staying the journey for the sake of the journey. This makes the experience and life peaceful, happy and fully satisfying. Over and above this increases the chances of success. Here is Nick Whitmore, Managing Director of share some thoughts on how persistence pays in writing! Read more here – Link:


The Dutch seem to be becoming the ‘go-to’ experts on water management, especially floods and storms. They seem to be spreading the word that resilience is not in building better fortresses but in partnering and opening up to the water flow. While there is a huge surge in demand for such help from across the world, the future seems to elicit human beings to better understand the ecosystem before living life. One interesting futuristic trend that this article suggests is building living spaces on water! Interesting insights! Read more here – Link:


Do you have a boss who is demotivating? Almost every boss I speak to complains about the lack of a good team. Since some time I have been thinking about this problem, especially in the start-up world! I stumbled on this article and found the insight interesting. Three key ways to demotivate and remove all energy from your people, without even knowing you are doing it. When we look at the ways, it looks so humble and right! I hope every entrepreneur reads this and avoids at least these three habits. Read more here – Link:


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