Character is what one does when he or she is not being watched. When people are watching, most of us live based on what we want others to think about us. But the real character of a person is when he or she is doing the same when they are not being watched over or supervised. So one need not ask anyone else about whether their character is strong or weak, because one knows it for oneself. See what you do when you are alone by yourself – that is your real personality, your real character.

There are people who don’t eat unhealthy food when they are in the midst of people. The moment they get to the room, they hog on all the high calorie, high cholesterol, and extremely unhealthy food. It happens even in the case of people when it comes to non-vegetarian food. They act like they are vegetarians when they are with people and make up for it when they are alone. But who you are as a person is fully displayed when no one is watching! What do you eat when you are staying alone in a hotel room? That is your real personality, your real character.

The more you live away from your character the more you will be agitated. It is better to live the life based on what you inherently believe in. This will bring you to the ecosystem where others acknowledge you for who you are and those who don’t approve will leave you alone. Above all you will be at peace with yourself, with no one to prove to about your beliefs except yourself.

Try to be who you are – it helps in gaining peace and eventually happiness! First find who you are inside and then be sincere to yourself.


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