Taking the First Step

Many of us in our lives are scared to take that first step. Be it the first job interview, dealing with personal challenges, learning how to drive a car, standing up for what is right, etc – we hesitate and fret on the daunting task in front of us. While our adrenaline has a major role to play in this fight versus flight decision; in most cases, it can be as simple as weighing the pros & cons; and making up one’s mind on the right course of action.

I remember being extremely petrified as a kid trying to learn how to cycle for the first time. I used to get excited and the scared at the same time. At times, I would either refuse to get on the cycle; or once I get on it – would refuse to get off until someone came and helped me with it.

But as a toddler, one is seldom afraid of those first steps. As toddlers, we were all excited about the new found love of being able to walk; there was no stopping us. No matter how many times we fell or got hurt, we were back on our feet happy to explore the world around us. A little crying and forgetting the whole episode enabled us give the walk another try!

One needs to have the same child-like excitement and enthusiasm in an entrepreneurial journey. While deciding to become an entrepreneur may itself be one of the hardest decisions in a person’s career, the difficulties and challenges does not end with just making that choice. First time entrepreneurs normally tread on a path not taken. They do a lot of things for the first time – meeting the first prospective client, finalizing the first client order, delivering the first project, hiring the first members for their team, etc. With no prior experience, it is but natural to falter in the activities they undertake. But it is important not to be deterred by one’s failures or shortcomings. The key is to learn from one’s mistakes and move forward. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who are making fresh plans and attempting to set right past errors or failures from past experiments. Retaining the child-like attitude to falling, dusting off the back and trying again is an important entrepreneurial function.

Getting started and taking that first step is the key to success. This does not apply only to the first time, but to every time. Remember the old adage – a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step.

Hope you have taken the first step in this year’s fresh projects towards this year’s fresh goals? If you haven’t – start now. However small or big the goal, take the first step – Just Do It!


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