Interesting Links This Week: 05-January-2014

Chris Hardwick is a man who probably is seen on TV more than anybody else hosting shows! Where does he find the time to do so much? How does he maintain his output without tiring out? In this interview he shares time management tips and they aren’t really the traditional self help type. This is what makes them interesting. As an entrepreneur one should see if they can pick on any of these of use them as triggers to find their own! Read more here – Link:


Social Entrepreneurship is a relatively new phenomenon. The material available around it is also limited. Hence we find social entrepreneurs always borrowing material from business entrepreneurship literature and attempting to adapt it to their needs. This leaves a lot of responsibility on the practitioner to implement, which is both difficult and not really their domain of work. This book seems to attempt filling that need. Read more here – Link:


Is 3D printing the next hype or is it here to stay? Will 3D Printing technology make all the Chinese factories redundant? Will it really change the way manufacturing is done today? If reading this excites you go ahead and read the entire article. Here is an interesting excerpt: “Therefore, to predict the cost curve of a new technology, we need to consider both the rate of volume growth and the rate of cost decline, also known as the slope of the experience curve. The question becomes this: Will 3D printing behave like a microchip or a gas oven?” Read more here – Link:

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