Interesting Links This Week: 12-January-2014

Entrepreneurship is a young subject. It is also interdisciplinary. Hence studying it without another domain makes it less meaningful. But when the subject is researched with other areas such as Strategy, Economics or Psychology, it tends to provide useful progress with our overall understanding. Prof Shing-Yi Wang’s research on how property reforms have impacted entrepreneurship seems to provide us one more variable that contributes to creation of entrepreneurs. It also shows how public policy changes can also lead to boosting entrepreneurship and thereby to more jobs for the economy. The short post itself has a lot to take away, while the paper seems like a goldmine for further research. Read more here – Link:


So many people subscribe to the Harvard Business Review, but few actually end up reading the issues that land on their tables. But this collection of articles from across issues of the HBR provide a selected list of interesting articles with short write-up on how it can help you. These articles cover various aspects of senior management challenge and opportunities. Hence every leader across growth oriented enterprises should consume them. The thoughts could trigger a whole new world of ideas. The articles are also available for download as well. But let that not entice you to download and stock them up! Read them! Read more here – Link:


I am yet to read and review the latest book ‘David and Goliath’ from Malcolm Gladwell. It is sitting on my table to be consumed. Gladwell’s story telling prowess within a larger well researched framework makes reading his works a pleasure and insightful. Here is a nice little review of his book along with a short interview of the author. I am sure this will inspire you to read the book too. Read more here – Link:


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