What drives your enterprise?

Every entrepreneur starts because of a heartfelt need to solve some problem or overcome some challenge. But over time as the business grows this original intent is lost. This leads to stagnation or sometimes growth that brings profits but not satisfaction. What makes this change happen? Where does this dissatisfaction arise from?

It looks like the answer to that question rests in answering another question: “What’s driving your enterprise?”

If the purpose is strong enough the entrepreneur and the growing entrepreneurial team continue to keep their focus on the purpose and this inspires them to wade through problems and setbacks equally as successes and achievements. But if purpose takes a back seat to allow profits lead the way, then the inspiration is lost unconsciously. This leads to lot of compromises and eventually stagnation of some kind – either at the individual level or at the enterprise level. This has resulted in a lot of promising enterprises wither away far earlier than realizing their true potential.

Whenever you run any entrepreneurial initiative, always keep checking what gives your satisfaction? Always ask yourself the question – “What made you get started?” Ensure the answer is the purpose itself and don’t let a measure come in the way as the driving force. There is nothing wrong with profits, but profits are only a measure of passing performance. Let them not become the driving force behind the actions of the enterprise – they are bound to show some short term gains but reduce the journey itself over time.

So what’s driving your enterprise: purpose or profits?

Think about it!

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