Business Today’s 22nd Anniversary Issue dated 19th January 2014

Due to constant travel and much demand on my time (personal and professional), my reading of magazines has taken a beating in recent times. While I still manage to catch up on a few magazines, it is extremely selective. After a long time I ended up picking a magazine that I read fully (cover to cover).  I also ended up reading it in almost one sitting (I think two in all).BT 22nd Anniv Mag Cover

The issue is interesting for the collection of articles by interesting minds. Right from Al Ries and his clarion call for ‘narrowing focus’ (a topic very close to my heart) to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s interesting statement “I don’t know who Rahul Gandhi is…” the issue contains a good number of articles covering a whole range of domains including but not limited to: urban transportation, Indian toys, Tourism and Kashmir, Inequality and Sufi Music.

You are bound to get a view from top thinkers in their respective fields, interviews with practitioners, evolving trends, facts, figures and sources of information that you may find interesting from your interests. Go ahead and consume this little gem of an issue! Thanks to Business Today to create such a lovely 22nd anniversary issue of their magazine. Congratulations and Hope to see many more lovely issues such as this. Best wishes for the future as well!

For a complete list of articles in the issue and the articles themselves please do look up here:


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