Vedantic Wednesday: Being true to oneself

Being true to oneself means being true to one’s closely held beliefs. Putting this to practice has two inherent problems:

  • Finding your beliefs or values in life
  • Having the courage to be true to them

While many believe that they know the answer to the first point, in reality it is not so clear. Most of them time people don’t know what they believe in. A simple reflection of this is the fact that for most people values / beliefs keeps changing all the time! This means one has not really gone deep inside oneself and found who they truly are. If values/beliefs change, then how can you be true to something that is constantly changing? Hence it needs to be fixed. This needs to be done as early in life as possible. While philosophy provides enough tools and techniques to make this happen, no one other than the person individually can figure this out for themselves.

Don’t make the mistake of looking for soothsayers or astrologers to figure this out for you. Even the real practitioners of these fields can only provide a broad direction or suggest domains. Neither are self evaluation tests or type casting questionnaires going to help you resolve this challenge – for they are created to filter not point. They can again be used as cues, but definitely not as the solution.

This puts the onus on the individual to find this out for oneself. So make this your first exercise towards becoming peaceful, happy and successful. It is only when you find who you truly are that you can go on and be sincere to that person – that person called you. This is what is called ‘being true to oneself’.

Think about it!


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