Interesting Links This Week: 26-January-2014

Small Business is an important part of the economy of any nation. Here is a short write up from Inc Magazine based on the survey of their fastest growing small businesses in the US. But I think some of their challenges are similar to what our Indian SME’s face too. How they see 2014 may be an indicator of how our SME’s see too!

Read more here – Link:


The devastating earthquake of 2001 sparked a new idea in the entrepreneurial mind of Mansukhbhai Prajapati. His novel solution “Mitticool” has become a sensation. After creating an earthen, natural water filter, he has gone on to find numerous down to earth innovations. These need to be studied in the classrooms during courses on entrepreneurship. Get inspired by reading more here – Link:


13 titles, reading which your life can change! That is what reading of good philosophy does to the reader. But how do we find good reads on philosophy – here is the answer to the solution. The detailed write-up on why you should read and what you will get by reading each selection itself is a worthy learning. I loved the selection and I truly hope each of you will find something worthwhile to take away from it too. Read more here – Link:


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