Interesting Links This Week: 09-February-2014

Marketing and Finance almost seem to be sitting opposite to each other on the table. While one does not want to be measured the other seeks measurement over everything. How can marketing and finance start collaborating with each other for better business decisions? Here are 5 things one can do to make this change happen. Read more here – Link:


How does the world look when divided by population? Here is a visual depicting region with a Billion people each – there seem to be 7 such regions at least as per this map! As population grows it will interesting to know where what will be the need over time. Read more here – Link:


John Jantsch is an interesting person to listen to when it comes to small business. I have been a fan of his books since Duct Tape Marketing came out and have been following his blog thoughts too. Since every small business client of mine seems to ask about how they can use big data, I thought of sharing this short blog post that John has written on the topic. You need not spend too much money to use big data. Read more here – Link:


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