Interesting Links This Week: 16-February-2014

I have always enjoyed the writings of Roger Martin and A G Lafley individually. When they team up to provide some advice you bet I would not miss it. I have in fact written about their book (Playing to Win) earlier on my blog. They have simplified the answer to the question “What is Strategy?” via the book. It helps me while I work with entrepreneurs and small business CEOs in India. Here is a short thought piece on why strategy is actually not creating a plan! Read more here – Link:


Another interesting take on why plans are history. Considering the fact that things are changing so fast, the best laid plans are dated by the time they are prepared. So should companies stop planning? No! They just have to change their approach. Here is one such perspective. What is the Bayesian method? How can it be used in making strategic decisions? Some examples of how it has been successfully used in the past? Read more here – Link:


Everyone wants to achieve more during the year, but effectiveness and efficiency have always been a challenge. While there are numerous approaches to planning your annual goals and achieving them, I found this method of the “12 Week Year” an interesting one. You should check it out! I have used variations of this in my consulting and coaching engagements and found them to be effective. Personally I love to plan only for a quarter, while keeping the larger goal in mind. Read this and you might gain a tip or two in making yourself more effective. Read more here – Link:


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