Entrepreneurs, do you know these people?

The start-up ecosystem is filled with people who are trying to help entrepreneurs get off the ground. Both the people playing the roles (or attempting to) and the entrepreneurs receiving the support are confused over the roles and the related responsibilities.

I have been leading a set of workshops helping people who want to become enablers to the start-up ecosystem become more effective. Over the discussions we have always explored what are the possible roles. As a person playing an active role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India and helping entrepreneurs / CEOs start, sustain and scale their enterprises, this is one thought that I have been reflecting on for sometime now. Based on all the work till now, here is a short list of possible roles and a high level thought on what they could be doing for the entrepreneurs.

  • Teachers (educate)
  • Experts (clarify)
  • Consultants (solve)
  • Advisors (suggest)
  • Coaches (skill)
  • Mentors (guide)

I will attempt to share a more detailed description of what these people do for entrepreneurs and also how they are typically labelled in the coming days.

If you are an entrepreneur or one who plays the above roles, please join the conversation and share your thoughts in this conversation. We will try to decipher and arrive at some broad boundaries on what each of these roles do and how entrepreneurs can benefit from them. It will also help build comfortable relationships between practitioners and enablers. Many successful entrepreneurs have tried to acknowledge the importance of these relationships and have attributed them to their success.


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