Announcement: “How to start a business?” Workshop

Too many times during my interactions with aspiring entrepreneurs and students I am asked to handle sessions on “How to start a business?” It is a rather obvious question that every serious wannabe entrepreneur ends up facing. Since there are not too many people well versed in the regulatory affairs and equally adept at teaching them, I find it difficult to refer them anywhere.

So, when Kalyan (a dear friend) called in to share details about his training company (Ace Academy) offering a one day workshop by the title “How to start a business?” I voluntarily accepted to share the information amongst my network.

If you are a serious entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur or a curious student wanting to know what kind of enterprise to set and the related regulatory requirements, then this is the workshop to attend. The details are below:

The workshop will be held at ACE Academy’s training centre at Mylapore on Saturday, 22nd February, 2014, between 10 AM & 5 PM

The workshop will be interactive and will cover the following steps-

1.0    Analyse the business                                                                                                                            –

– Classify according to manufacturing, trading or services

– Know your peers and competitors

– Decide what operations to outsource and which ones to retain in-house

2.0   Decide on the location

– Closer to the customer or closer to the resources

3.0   Decide on the funds  required and means of funding

– Prepare Business Plan

– Decide fund requirements

– Decide on sources of funds

4.0   Decide on the entity

– Decide based on flexibility, speed, credibility, limited liability, cost, etc

5.0   Decide on the name

– Tips on naming

– Booking the name

– Relationship between name and entity

– Apply for trade mark / copy right

6.0   Form the entity

– Proprietorship

– Partnership

– One Person Company


– Private Limited Company

– Public Limited Company

7.0   Obtain PAN & TAN



8.0   Open bank account

– Type of account

– Type of bank

– Documents required

9.0   Registration under tax laws

– Applicability Matrix

– Income Tax

– Central Excise


– Service Tax

10.0            Import Export Code and MSME registration

– Import / Export Code

– MSME Registration

The fee for the workshop is Rs. 2,490/- (Including service tax)

Those interested in benefitting from this workshop can contact +91 44 2498 1027 or 97109 28701.

Please contact the above numbers to register! Good Luck and Happy Learning!

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