What do teachers deserve to get?

Though I am not a full time professor at a University, I spend a fair amount of my work time ‘teaching’. I loved ‘teachers’, ‘teaching’ and I am so glad that I am able to practice it today. I conduct workshops across India for entrepreneurs and owners of businesses. They range from start-ups to mid-sized emerging corporations. The only common thing amongst all of my audience is their entrepreneurial inclinations. This gives me a chance to learn a lot from conducting these sessions.

In recent times, after the publication of my book “Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice” (https://rajshankar.wordpress.com/books/), I have had the opportunity to spend time ‘teaching teachers’ across undergraduate, graduate and post graduate colleges and universities. I teach them how to teach entrepreneurship and make their classes more effective. During the process of interacting with thousands of teachers from arts, commerce, science, engineering, medicine and pharmacy – I have found that invariably one of the topics that they discuss at length is salary. Since they do not normally get to meet peers from so many institutions, workshops are a good place for them to seek greener pastures.

While improving remuneration seemed to be what many of them felt could be their biggest motivation – none of them felt the need for more feedback. Many felt that if the jobs were made more attractive with exciting packages, their teaching would improve. I felt saddened but that is the reality today. I asked myself this – “But don’t we have to earn the pay by deserving it first”. How do we know what a teacher deserves?
Before we decide what the right salary for teachers is, we also need to make their professional lives more interesting by giving them ‘feedback’. If we don’t get feedback, how are we going to improve? So when I heard this TED talk of Bill Gates (http://www.gatesnotes.com/Education/TED-Talk-Giving-Teachers-What-They-Deserve) this week, I was reminded of what many of the teachers missed asking for – ‘feedback’. If we could get feedback and we could get some time to review and internalize it, maybe we will have many more ‘super star teachers’. If one becomes a super star teacher, do they even have to ask for larger remuneration? It will go through the roof.

With thousands of successful students reaching back to you and sharing their success stories – your desires for monetary requirements will simply drop. We will also have truly happy, motivated, inspiring teachers walking on our streets (corridors).

Truly every student needs such inspired teachers to learn from!

If you have thoughts and ideas on this topic of how we can improve the teaching profession – do share it here so that we can keep the learning going!


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