Vedantic Wednesday: Your work is what you’re there for

If you are a reader of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) you would have noticed that there is a section beyond ‘Executive Summaries’. The section comes on the very last page of every issue. As though by habit, I now open the HBR issue that I receive from the package, turn it to the back cover and open the last page to see who is covered this time around. The section titled ‘Life’s Work’ has now become one of my favorite reads every month. And this time around (March 2014 issue) I found that it covered an artist. Artists are close to my heart as much as entrepreneurs and so I read the entire interview. She is 73 years, who reached the peaks in the 70’s, almost shut shop in the 90’s and is now making a come-back! Aren’t these people true inspirations? In the interview she offered some advice to entrepreneurs and I found that it was apt to what I wanted to share this week on philosophy.

Vedanta is an Indian school of philosophy. As I have shared numerous times in the past, it urges us to find what we are here for and follow it through till the end. It is said that in doing this every human being can aim and achieve liberation. It makes life peaceful and happy. I find that it is very much useful to entrepreneurs – the group that I tend to spend most of my work life with these days. Entrepreneurs seem to be finding and doing what they love in life and that is so much like an ideal path to also reach liberation (freedom) or whatever that may mean. In line with this thinking I found Zandra Rhodes share a key piece of advice to entrepreneurs. Here is the answer to that specific question from that interview:

“Keep going by whatever means you can. Don’t let people crush you. Have an inner belief in yourself. In the end, what you do will come through. We suffer today from people wanting fame rather than earning fame through their work. Your work is what you’re there for, and you should do it regardless. If it brings you something else, that’s a plus. You can be ambitious, but you have to be content with the fact that it might not make you a millionaire.”

While every question in that interview is amazing I found this response interesting. Even within that I found that her reference to “Your work is what you’re there for, and you should do it regardless” seemed like listening to what Vedanta teaches us. If only we can strive to keep this spirit up and living through life as an entrepreneur – there is no doubt that success will be ours, even if the world does not see it immediately. It will lead to a life lived fully. It will lead to loads of energy. It will keep us in peace and happiness. We will be part of that small group of entrepreneurs who are happy for being entrepreneurial.

In a lot of ways isn’t the spiritual path (if correctly understood) itself an entrepreneurial journey? Who said Spiritual Enlightenment is for the meek and the fearful?

Read the complete interview of Zandra Rhodes! Link:

Extract your lessons from it! If you are entrepreneurial think about this specific message!


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