Interesting Links This Week: 20-April-2014

I just completed a workshop for 21 women entrepreneurs. I learned a lot from every one of them. During the interactions we kept coming back to how they can generate word of mouth, connect to more people, and stay on the minds of those who they have met. Since most business professionals / entrepreneurs are on Linkedin, I thought this article was pertinent. Simple, but pertinent tips on how to utilize Linkedin to keep your network growing and hopefully your business too! The big lesson from this reading (for me) is consistent effort of 20 minutes a day, every day is the secret, rather than 140 minutes once a week, which is easy to do.

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Sivan Borowich-Ya’ari, founder of non-profit ‘Innovation: Africa’ is a passionate social entrepreneur. This less than 20 minute interview brings to the fore front how she got into this space, how she created her enterprise, how she went to the root cause of opportunities and created solutions with a self-sustaining business model. Every social entrepreneur must listen or read through the transcript. There are number of lessons on how social businesses must be built and also how social entrepreneurs must shape their journeys.

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With more and more money being spent on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, it is becoming more and more demanding on the managers of this money to show impact and results. But when it comes to seeking results, most of these managers are themselves grappling. Many senior leaders invest in social and environmental initiatives in parts or half-heartedly, both of which leave a lot wanting on the table. It also results in constant change in initiatives, blame games and reputation losses. Here are some interesting thoughts and ideas of how to make your CSR initiatives more productive, while also contributing to the bottom line.

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