Entrepreneurship and Well Being: What’s the connect?

According to the 2013 GEM report (http://www.babson.edu/Academics/centers/blank-center/global-research/gem/Documents/GEM%202013%20Global%20Report.pdf ), it looks like being in entrepreneurship is a really good thing. “Well Being” and “Happiness” seems to be very high amongst entrepreneurs. At least that’s what most of the entrepreneurs have to say in response to the GEM survey across the world. The returns on both these parameters are even more if you are a women entrepreneur. I am so glad to be reading this since I am currently engaged in a women entrepreneurship development program in India where we are attempting to help scale 100 women entrepreneurs.

During my interactions I found that many of these women entrepreneurs had started this off as a hobby or a way of keeping themselves occupied (exceptions exist). But the startling thing is that all of them suddenly woke up to the fact that they can actually grow their hobby or keeping themselves occupied vocation into a business. The resolve that they have shown so far in taking their ideas to the market are phenomenal. While many of them are yet to see much results from their endeavours, their enthusiasm, energy, aspirations and drive remain ‘infectious’. I am sure through my workshops and mentoring sessions with these energetic women, I come back charged to practice being entrepreneurial even more.

So, when I was going through the report again this week, I was struck by the importance of taking this information to educational institutions across India. It is so important to teach entrepreneurship in colleges, especially science and technology institutions. Young minds should be inspired to explore and experiment. They should be helped with the needed tools and techniques to shape their ideas into enterprises. The most important thing is that they should be educated on the fact that ‘entrepreneurship’ is probably the most sure route to personal satisfaction and well being. Students need to be exposed to this! India needs a lot more entrepreneurs be it as start-ups (entrepreneurship) or within established enterprises (intrapreneurship).

Yes, entrepreneurship is a journey that is neither rosy nor easy, but nothing worthwhile in life truly is!

Think about it!

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