Congratulations Mr Modi

Congratulations Mr Narendra Modi! You seem to be the next Prime Minister of India (in all probability). Since people have voted you to power, their wishes are going to be with you for the next 5 years. But the real test of your leadership is going to begin once you sit on the top job. The millions who have voted this time around are waiting:

  • The millions of people who have voted for you are looking to see you make changes.
  • The millions of people who voted for you are yearning for you to bring development.
  • The millions of people who voted for you are waiting to hear you make the changes that will change their lives for the better.
  • More importantly, the millions of people who did not vote for you are waiting to convince their friends (your supporters) how wrong their choice has been!
  • Every one of the millions who have voted are waiting to see India change and grow for the better

The truth is that nobody who has come to power has said the opposite! All who have come to power, came there making promises, but somehow most of those promises have not been kept. While everyone is expecting you to make changes to development and other issues, there one big change that you can usher in: Here is your chance to bring the biggest change of them all – keeping promises!

We all look forward to unblocking the potential that Indians contain. We have been restricted for too long. Will you be the change that everyone hopes?

The big lesson from your victory is that in times of crisis, people want bold, courageous leaders. They want leaders who will take decisions. They want leaders who have some stand on issues. They want leaders who will lead them from the present state, without worry about where they are headed. Whether these are the best for all of us only time will tell, but people still want a strong personality leading them.

Peter Drucker said “The future cannot be predicted, but it can be created.” Isn’t that true? To create a future we need leaders who can take decisions, follow it through to completion and live a life of character. There are a lot of hopes, possibilities and expectations. If they come true (through you) they are good for India as a whole.

Congratulations once again Mr Modi and best wishes to keep the hopes of India alive!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Mr Modi

  1. Its definitely a chance for Mr.Modi to materialize the dream of “Developing” to “Developed” India. Its understood that it might not happen in next 5 years but for the political dynamics in our country, but a positive growth can very well be expected. As Mr.Modi said in his first address in Parliament, “If Each individual takes a postive foot forward, India as a whole will take millions steps forward”.

    And as far as decison making is concerned, it had been made in the past governmnets also but the effect faded owing to the lack of transparency in implementing them effectively. I am personally eager to see the implementation and transparency of policies by Mr.Modi and his cabinet for taking a affirmative path to a Developed India.


    Pintu Champ

    1. Lets us wait and watch as the whole of India looks ahead with hope! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Pintu.

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