Books and Me: Thrive

Book Title: ThriveThrive Book Cover

Author: Arianna Huffington

In a fast paced and competitive world there is no one who does not measure himself / herself against each other. People are comparing themselves with everyone possible and either feeling good or feeling bad, both feelings are sadly, temporary. Much of this comparison arises from two factors that have become the widely used measures: money and power. Since these two are measurable, most people end up falling in line to measuring success based on these. Because these are two measures that have fairly standard measures, they also become easy to compare and fall prey to feelings.

According to the author (who is successful and popular across both measures) the inevitable problem with living based on the above measures is that the individual is lost in the process of seeking worldly success. No please don’t stop reading – she is not against worldly success, but she provides a view to how we can truly be successful in our own eyes. Now, this is really difficult, because when the game is over, we are almost left with only ourselves and it is then that the real question of success comes up. When this happens, most successful people have regretted their choices to be successful in the currently understood way. The author quotes her own experience of having hit this ceiling, thankfully early in life, to make corrections.

The book defines a third metric apart from the above two, which happens to be the title of the book: Thrive. This is the third metric and it contains four components that make it up:

  • Our well being
  • Our ability to draw on our inner intuition and wisdom
  • Our sense of wonder
  • Our capacity for compassion and giving

The book is sprinkled with enough interesting anecdotes from the author’s life and the lives of other interesting personalities. The one I liked the most was her mother, who seems to have had a huge impact on the author’s life. I was very touched by her mother’s approach to life, especially towards the end of her life. I loved reading the portion of the book that speaks about ‘Death’ as it is a concept that is close to my heart. The book is not any emotional treatise on how to die or how to live better by sleeping for hours a day – it is filled with enough references to scientific studies from respected journals. While I loved every section of the book, I enjoyed the section on ‘walking’, ‘death’, and ‘giving’ more than the others.

Routines in life are important and they should be set by us based on our priorities. We must ensure our life is balanced so as to have no regrets in life. Many of the practices suggested in the book seem to help in bringing some order to today’s chaotic and turbulent lifestyle. I think every young person must read this book and benefit from it. If we can take away even one or two ideas and put it to practice in our lives, we will see phenomenal difference to the way we lead our lives. Even though the book refers to woman to a larger extent than men, the advice applies to all equally.

I must thank the author to reveal so much about her mom’s life as it has inspired me to re-look at my own and has also reinforced my study of philosophy.

Thank you Ms Arianna Huffington for sharing such a wonderful book with us!

Happy Reading!


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